Patrick Robertson - Guitar, Lead Vocal

Flynn Wheeler - Lead Guitar, Vocal

Rhys Thompson - Bass, Vocal

Damian Costin - Drums


The musical bond was always strong between Patrick Robertson and Damian Costin, founding members and driving forces behind one of Australia's most successful alternative rock bands of the 2000s, MOTOR ACE. But life is timing, and just as even the deepest loves can arrive at the wrong moment, perhaps this was also the case for MOTOR ACE. Their end seemed premature. 

After all but completely disappearing from the musical landscape for 10 years, Patrick, Damian and new musical kinsmen Flynn Wheeler and Rhys Thompson emerge in 2016 with Nighthawk – perhaps the coda that was needed, but an altogether different beast from MOTOR ACE. Patrick explains:

The fire that compelled me to make music in the first place was extinguished by the end of Motor Ace. I was young and took every kink in the road harder than I should have. I do have some regrets about not enjoying the great music we made and our success a little more. 

But Nighthawk came from a very different place. It was a party before it was a band. There's a simplicity about the music and the attitude. I haven't felt as excited about a group of musicians and making music since ’98 and I think you can hear it. 

The first single from Nighthawk’s upcoming album is 'Surely Gettin On'. It's a good indication of the what’s to come: guitars are back and so are the songs. It's been worth the wait.